do you see what i see?
 fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me

Georges Rech Spring/Summer 2010 Campaign Preview | Ali Stephens

valendoom prelude

hands down the most beautiful and inspiring couple since JFK and Jackie O'

ok, to be honest, i simply adore Ashton and Demi as well.

valendoom's day is nearing & i can already fucking feel it.

note to self: find a hot valentine. lord knows if i dont act now, any worthy dude in downtown will for sure be snatched up by a sexy little vixen that will for sure get laid, as i most likely will end up getting down and dirty with a bottle of liquor.  all to myself.

Numéro Korea February 2010  Cover | Hanne Gaby Odiele

sleeping gypsy

Shalom Harlow by Ellen von Unwerth


i dont mean to interrupt

all i need is this jacket worn by kate moss in last years vogue.

to. die. for.


outrageous accessories.
diggin hardcore on that dress as well.


cant breathe, cant feel, cant stay afloat.
the wonders of this despair, a rapture you have created
my world upside down
im learning to enjoy the view.  
you say i'm worthless, i've been a terrible pawn.
to play your games.
you utter, "forgiveness is key"
yet why do you constantly push me away
relentless punishment
your soul, so black like this dark ocean i try to swim
my arms yet they stay open
for what

summer 2006

black holes


Hedi Slimane 
Courtney Love


your eyes say it all

walls too high

brick walls
build them, though not too high
so as not to see.
so as not to be trapped.

i keep reaching for the silver lining.
i'm reaching for you and you're not there,
yet in my head, your words echo...
"dont give up, we've gone so far"

my soul is dying, yet its this wall i keep climbing.
please no trespassing.
this is my space to live.
to love.
to learn. to die.

adapting to the change, i cant let you go.
in a perfect world this wouldn't have failed.
don't let us die, keep holding on
when all you've got are memories...
time feels so long

this humility is creating an inner strength, as i continue to build these walls

though you don't want them too high

summer 2006 

my secret

love the glove

add this to the tatt list

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you love blow and i love ink

i just want the hat

and the color of her lipstick.

proof good looks go far

grab your jacket, its wet out

my rap listening pot smoking chainblingin grandmother used to make jackets like this for me when i was just a tiny version of the fashionable trouble maker i've become.

we'd head to the thrift store and i'd choose the jean jacket of my choice. then, we'd head to jo'anns fabric store and i'd choose all of the fabric and trim i could ever dream of. of course, we'd sit down and totally come up with some ideas together on placement and patterns, etc.

in the end it was always a really fun experience, and the jackets were always worn more times than one could keep track of. too bad though, over time i've lost or thrown out all of the jackets. (i know, shame on me, right?)

but this is an inspiring photograph, nonetheless and brought back some bitchin memories... who knows, maybe i'll make another like this myself... and show good ol grams just how her talents and wild adventurous ways have impacted me... and my style.

mademoiselle in love

every little thing that you say or do

happy birthday!!

Happy 18th Birthday to my little sister, Megan!

I hope today and this magical year brings you all you wish for and so much more!!

Your heart and your spirit are both so incredibly loving and sincere. You are growing into a beautiful young woman with so much to give.  I am proud of who you are, and look forward to continue watching you grow into the talented woman you are becoming.

I love you with all of my heart... forever and ever and ever and ever.
You make me so happy to be alive!!


good game


the other blog i work on...

x Gina

in the bag

silent sinner

your prideful nature tore everything apart
when the lights go out
all youre left with is who you are
on your own
starting all over

summer 2006

past in present

i'm sorting through my belongings, and purging the old and unused

less is always better. 
isnt it?

i'm full of emotions right now as i write this entry. mixed with both eagerness and apprehension... i feel rather compelled, nonetheless, to share with you my excitement.

 this evening during my wine induced cleansing mission,  i stumbled upon old poetry books and journals of mine from over the past decade. 

having recently gone through an emotionally rough break-up nearing the end of 2009, i feel the incredibly strong need and want to share these poems with you over the next few days...

because he isnt here. 

these poems, some of them, have been trapped between stale yellowing pages for years... having never been shared before now. 

only felt, 
jotted down by me.
and then locked away for no ones eyes and heart to see or feel, but my own.  

and some of them, i've read to him before. but not all of them. 
and thats where we change it up. 

im exposing everything. 
past pain and fortune. 
tears shed, hearts broken. 

because one thing i've learned recently...

if i close my eyes and let go...inside, i can feel the change.

and the change is good. 

the uncomfortable change is even better. 

 (previous post is also by yours truly)



laying awake,
wiping my tears away.
the memories and thoughts of you send shivers down my spine.
did you ever love me?

gina guerrero -  circa summer 2006

feeling faint

lost in lace

Photographs by Waldemar and Max for Fault Magazine

he never mattered

malicious intent

no questions


i need these

fuckin, gianfranco ferre....

and i really dont care that they're "so last year".

my next tattoo

lose control

i dedicate

My dear friend Kenzie, a 2nd year Fashion Design student at FIDM here in LA is in the middle of creating an 80 piece collection...and keeping her heart and mind intact amidst the ever so exciting, yet naturally chaotic process of design.

With all of her hard work and constant inspiring drive and dedication, its only obvious and quite a fact that her pin-up romantic rock & roll inspirations are looking kick ass already.

So, with love, respect, and the utmost adoration; I dedicate this post to you, Kenzirelli. The Tiny Fashionista in my world. I wish you the best of luck, dear friend.  I'm right beside ya... all the way. xx