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my new favorite leggies, sunnies, and art site. gotta rep em allll!!!

p.s. fashion show for pingping and rabbit this saturday, May 22nd at Area 51 in Los Angeles, CA

and if you're feeling lucky... come and take me home

all of the heavenly pastels i'm spying this spring, really make me feel good inside.
i'm lovin the lusty lavendar nails, rocked so eloquently by model, Liu Wen, in June 2010's Vogue China.

her side-swept pony-tail, along with neutral wedges, paired with the romantic ensembles and wooden accessories are making me drool this afternoon. this spread makes me wish i had the time for a picnic, today. even better, though, i'll be rocking my very own wooden wedges for the remainder of spring, without a doubt.

thank you vogue, china. you've inspired yet another hundred outfits from my very own fabulous wardrobe!


over and out, she said...

the lovely, Anna Maria Jagodzinska, for Vogue China, June 2010
check out those amazing wedges, leather shorts, and the casual leather belt utilized with a dressy look!
we love love love these styles.
dig it!

dont get it twisted, dont get clever, this is the most craziest shit, ever!

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needles and pins

my brain feels foggy this morning... but it seems things are okay today.

needles and pins.

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if only tonight we could sleep

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render your heart to me

Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, photographed by the fantastic Camilla Akrans, with some romantic styling by Robert Rydberg; includes one of my fave spring 2010 hair trends, the messy side braid. 
This photograph is a preview from Contributor Magazine's debut printed issue.


i certainly havent been shopping for any new shoes, and.... i certainly havent been spreading myself around

girl, you're golden. 
an extraordinary machine...
now dazzle the masses with your charisma and that fashion sense.... wow em with your strong personality, inner beauty, and amazing confidence.
wear what makes you comfortable, and of course, what makes you feel... GOLDEN. 
how you feel on the inside is always reflected how you look on the outside. make sure you feel beautiful always... and the light will continuously shine through!!

and remember always:  tease... dont (try to) please (the masses) ;) and you'll never regret a moment or day of your life. 

shes a wild spirit, hard to tame

and we're BACK!!!

slipped away and managed to stay off the radar for a small while (yes, we know....what a selfish endeavor) , however now we are back... and in full effect...

starting off with a new favorite, a spread from FutureClaw #3 (NSFW) featuring the gorgeous Wanessa Milhomem photographed by the talented Nicholas Routzen.

 kissssessss, darlings... kissess