blowin my mind

Sakurako Shimizu
(click the link to view all of her works)

Japanese artist, curator and designer of the most beautiful
and original conceptual jewelry based in Brooklyn, NY;
this ish is most definitely the bees knees!

It just blows my mind!

Now, wont you take a look....

Material: Rubber sheet, sterling silver
Description: hand-cut parts connected, flexible to various shapes

This is a physical representation of the HTML code needed to display a word "Jewelry" via internet browser. The tags were laser-cut out of sterling silver and connected as a necklace.

This man's ring features a precise cast of the original Atari computer chip out of 18 karat gold.

Installation view : You can listen to the actual sound the pieces below produce.

Bell (Cuff Bracelet)

Giggle (Necklace)

Detail view

Yawn (Brooch)

Wow (Brooch)

Atchoum (Brooch)

Left ear & Right ear (earrings)

Was I right? or was I right?


Em, See, Queue, You, Eeee, Eeee, Enn

Alexander McQueen, one of my utmost favorite designers has done it for me, yet again.

Releasing his stunningly swanky and yet oh so kitschy collection of fierce
Skull and Knuckle clutches for Fall/Winter 2009, he continues to incorporate that touch of Goth Glam with every piece, to which he has become so notoriously known for.

I personally wouldn't dare trade a months rent for one of these suckers, even IF they are signed by McQueen himself, are made from materials such as pewter, red whip snake skin, antique gold leather, and include swarovski crystals and river pearls.

But I sure would love to.

*le sigh*

These clutches have ever so quickly made their way to my
"most coveted accessories"

Perhaps the universe will just make one magically appear in front of me;
or maybe, just maybe I'll find a decent knock-off.
oh but that would be sacrilegious, now wouldn't it?
Who cares...

For the time being, I'll just lust over these incredible clutches, and wish for a moment in time, that each one was mine.

Thank you, dear McQueen! You've out done yourself again!