past in present

i'm sorting through my belongings, and purging the old and unused

less is always better. 
isnt it?

i'm full of emotions right now as i write this entry. mixed with both eagerness and apprehension... i feel rather compelled, nonetheless, to share with you my excitement.

 this evening during my wine induced cleansing mission,  i stumbled upon old poetry books and journals of mine from over the past decade. 

having recently gone through an emotionally rough break-up nearing the end of 2009, i feel the incredibly strong need and want to share these poems with you over the next few days...

because he isnt here. 

these poems, some of them, have been trapped between stale yellowing pages for years... having never been shared before now. 

only felt, 
jotted down by me.
and then locked away for no ones eyes and heart to see or feel, but my own.  

and some of them, i've read to him before. but not all of them. 
and thats where we change it up. 

im exposing everything. 
past pain and fortune. 
tears shed, hearts broken. 

because one thing i've learned recently...

if i close my eyes and let go...inside, i can feel the change.

and the change is good. 

the uncomfortable change is even better. 

 (previous post is also by yours truly)