grab your jacket, its wet out

my rap listening pot smoking chainblingin grandmother used to make jackets like this for me when i was just a tiny version of the fashionable trouble maker i've become.

we'd head to the thrift store and i'd choose the jean jacket of my choice. then, we'd head to jo'anns fabric store and i'd choose all of the fabric and trim i could ever dream of. of course, we'd sit down and totally come up with some ideas together on placement and patterns, etc.

in the end it was always a really fun experience, and the jackets were always worn more times than one could keep track of. too bad though, over time i've lost or thrown out all of the jackets. (i know, shame on me, right?)

but this is an inspiring photograph, nonetheless and brought back some bitchin memories... who knows, maybe i'll make another like this myself... and show good ol grams just how her talents and wild adventurous ways have impacted me... and my style.

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