cuz i've been thinkin of you

Ohhhhh, how I absolutely enjoy bowling!

With the World Cup going on, and me not having watched one millisecond, of any portion of it, nor having read any of the AP news articles I often see blips of on my browser's homepage,  I figured maybe I should be a little less snobby about it all, at the moment. -- you should maybe know: ever since the Celtics lost the Championship Game, and the fact I'm surrounded by Laker Fanatics everywhere, I've been unable to conjure up the desire to talk sports... of any kind, for the most part... with the exception of bowling. True Story. 

With that in mind, the fashion photo spread I stumbled across this morning, is styled beautifully, and features one of the funnest ganes... bowling.   Bowling has come up in a few conversations of mine, over the past weird as that may seem. I've also driven by not only one, or even two different alleys since then, but I've seen a plethora of them! Everywhere! From the desert, to the city. So it only seems natural that I show you what I feel you must see, and probably make some time to bowl a million and four games, or something like that.

I should also tell you, hearing about the World Cup, non-stop, is sorta getting old. I share no excitement with what seems to be the gazillions of other people in the world. I also think maybe its time you all think about something other than the Lakers, for just a couple of minutes; while I think about something other than Ray Allen & them Celtics (chuckles).

On a fashion note, all I want to say is, "gimme some of them blue jeans, nowwwww". Smokey cat eyes and dewey skin; that pink and black satin bra; all, straight up killin me. Mmmmmhhmmmm...

All of the above are definitely going on my list of immediate must-haves, and must-do's...

Based on previous feedback, I'm pretty confident, that what excites lil ol me, will for sure excite wonderful YOU!

Taken from Jacques Magazine, here is the Sports Issue, Trailer 2

... and yes, that does mean that there's a 1. 


P.S. To assist me in getting into the World Cup spirit with everyyyyone else, before its too late, I want to ask you some questions: 
  • What team, playing the World Cup, are you rooting for? 
  • And since I know its been going on for a little while, what was your favorite game played, thus far?
  • Feel like sharing any crazy drama in the news that's surfaced? I kinda like hearing about those things, too... teehee
 Help me catch up on what I've missed, being a bitter bunny, over here.
    And for those of you, just like me:
    • Where are your favorite places to bowl?
    • Would you know how to keep score, if you had to? because, I sure as hell wouldnt... ;)


      silver dagger

      Talk about stumbling upon a huge amount of creative inspiration, when ya set out in hopes of finding even the smallest amount.

      Model, Malgosia Bela, does it again, yet this time, modeling for Doingbird #14. She looks absolutely stunning, needless to say; the same goes for the styling of this spread. When I eyed this set, I have to admit, my creative juices began flowing more rapidly than they have in quite some time.

      I just absolutely adore the beaded neck piece, as well as the chiffon, raw silk, and cotton materials used in the following pieces. The photography, by Mark Segal, is also rather spectacular, with the lighting and composition being right on par. This set really has me going in the right direction, creatively... just what I needed for this evening.


      solid gold

      desperately seeking inspiration, i turned to my collection of glossy fashion magazines, for all of their beautiful and visually stimulating content. i stumbled upon a couple images in a past French Elle, of model Malgosia Bela, that really struck a creative chord within me, despite them being incredibly simple. i feel compelled to share them with you, this evening. enjoy!