Runway: Balmain RTW Fall 2009

- Gina Guerrero, Downtown Los Angeles

With much chatter over the past few months about similarities in his collections from five seasons, thus far , in colors, shades, embellishments, cuts, etc, Christophe Decarnin for Balmain, may be assumedly afraid to break away from what he’s become known ever so famous for. He did, though manage to conceive yet another collection that I dig. Similar to the others, yes...I'm still convinced though his collections are worth keeping your eye and mind open for.

Attempt to satisfy your Runway hunger and binge with me on Balmain’s super 80’s reminiscent, Fall 2009 Ready To Wear Collection of Swarovski crystals, metal studs, black lace, acid washed denim, leather, and neon color here and there.

Has he stimulated all of my senses? No, not quite yet; however, he has definitely already obtained "One Of My Favorite Designers" status with his current repertoire.

I must admit that his style and appreciation reminiscent to an eclectic combination of 70’s and 80’s rocker chic, dubbed “rock chick bling” by Sara Mower,; Balmain currently has me in a a bit of a trance-like state…I’m definitely intrigued. I imagine with a bit of jewelry and a killer pair of Red or Purple heels embellished with metal studs, combined with anything from his RTW Fall 2009 Collection, and your ensemble would hands down be one to revel in!
**I got a little Balmain crazy and created a set, inspired by his current runway collection combined with some items from others, I thought would look killer together. Feel free to tell me what you think about the collection I've put together.

What do you think about Balmain's collection? Are you inspired? Do you feel it’s a bit lack-luster, or are you already ransacking your closet….ready to reveal your newly inspired Balmain Runway creation?

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