Lily Allen, whom never ceases to surprise me with her wardrobe choices; is snapped here, Monday, while at Spectator Magazine in Westminster, London, rocking neon leopard print leggings with her oh-so-enviable, Sergio Rossi purple slingback platform sandals.

The artist completed her ensemble with a bitchin
black jacket with peep-hole, fringed back; which has me drooling over here!

check it!

Cant say I'm too enviable of the blue Chanel purse she's seen here, toting around; but suuuurrrriously....snag one for me in black, and I wont complain. Not a damn word.

Oh, and while we're at it; since I cant get this damn Lily Allen tune out of my head,
(for days now; literally)

I'm going to share it with you!
You can thank me later really....thank me later

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