dont get it twisted, dont get clever, this is the most craziest shit, ever!

i dont know if you've already begun to notice, or what, but uh.... things are gettin crazy over here! and this is a great thing!!

so many online retailers that we, the rebellionheir((s)) love and adore (and wear) are wanting to advertise with us... and we couldnt be more stoked to be associated!!!

all of our viewers/readers both GUYS AND GIRLS can now shop using the banners below (and to the left), and get hooked up with amazing deals and discounts that you can only find via the rebellionheir((s))

today is a great day for us here!! we wish you a most happy monday, and HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Banner 20 Off Collection

Foot Petals Be Amazing

Foot Petals Be Heavenly

Foot Petals Be Sexy

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