catching up...

You may have been wondering where I've been, or atleast what my crazy ass hase been up to....

so here it goes:

Last week I flew to Seattle (almost missing my flight) to visit with family and friends. The weather was incredibly warm and humid; hitting 100 degrees, and then all of a sudden....

its raining.

what a surprise.

It was quite the tropical summer in the Northwest, and at points I thought I was going to die....but nevertheless I had a blast and managed to keep my hair from completely frizzing out.

I was fortunate enough to be able to hang with friends and take a few days catching up after not having been home for a year & more than one opportunity to catch up on my beauty rest in addition.

Found myself bar-hopping over the weekend in Capital Hill, Downtown Seattle, and Queen Anne, with the old crew and new friends in tow. I ran into people I had not seen in about seven years, and even managed to find myself floating down a river one afternoon. I partook inBBQ's and karaoke, and even managed to throw back a shot or two. Played a game of

pool with the homies, and came up on some vintage Louis Vuitton accessories from my grandmother. I had such a blast and ate amazing food...

I miss Seattle already.

...and so it goes, I return to Los Angeles after being in Seattle without my laptop and the Rebellionheirs for a week only to find that my laptop had left this life, and gone to the next, and forgot to properly say its farewells. 

baaaaad news bears.

Then, I stumbled upon an amazing deal for a macbook and now I'm are riding high on a very
Efficient & Productive Mac Cloud #9 ... via my new black macbook.

managed to keep forging ahead anyways and partake in a sample sale located in a loft in downtown los angeles AND host a photo booth with dear friends and fresh new fashion lines, Steamtrunk Couture, Please Dress Up!!, Kai Moon Designs, Zubin Hand Dyed Artwear, Delevo Designs, the Fabulous Anton and Edin Carpenter.. all put on by the amazing 1028 Designs. (images and details in next post)

It was a really fun and entertaining event; one I made many new friends at and will be back for (as a vendor) hopefully next month.

I am so stoked to be back online so that the groove can be gotten on, again..


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Kikie said...

Site looks great! Luniv' the very noticeable addition! ;) keep up the great work ladies!!! I'm definitely a fan! ;)