The Revival of The Legging

While flipping through the newest edition of Vogue (jul.09), I find myself quite shocked to come across an article that suggests leggings are back. I'm surprised because I never really realized they had ever gone out of style to begin with.

I know.....shush...lemme keep going....

I say, bring back leggings, or whatever, whenever the hell you want. I'm down anytime.... Just keep those suckers comin! (I'm still not convinced they ever left)

Personally I'd never turn down the (free) chance to wear an acid dipped pair of teal leggings along with an oversized purple tee. Throw on a pair of chuck taylors, some chunky oversized jewelry....gimme one sec to grab my 'jackie-o' sunglasses & cell phone, and I'm good to go.

Or even a pair of Members Only leather leggings with an oversized white T and chunky ankle boots; of course this time rockin the chunky chains. I'm just saying. (or...for example)

I must admit, I do not own enough leggings, and yet I absolutely love this trend...on almost everyone, too; and in almost every wash and style. I'm sure some or most may agree, but as you can see...its definitely not us Janes that are debating....

or is it?

I mean I'm gonna be frank, here...when I'm perusing the net looking for inspiration I do come to ponder the fact that, perhaps Lindsey Lohan proooobably could have laid low on the legging scene....atleast in respect to the design aspect; but as usual, she's right there, stirring the shit up by coming out with her own line, 6126 dubbed after Marilyn Monroe's birth date 6/1/26. Yeah yeah yeah, it came out like last year, in the fall....but really the point that I'm trying to make here on my somewhat of a legitimate LiLo segway is that,

I really dont like her collection.

I really dont like it.

At all.

Sure, some pieces are alllllright, but none truly stand out to the way I'd want my leggings to stand out. She is a favorite trainwreck of ours alright, but seriously?! Incorporating knee pads? I just dont know what to say. I'm for once...speechless.

*snaps out of daze & clears throat*

moving on....

And since I did just put my extremely valued opinion of her cruddy line out to air *sorry LiLo*, here are some promo photos for the line, 6126 (bad hair & *cringe* those wretched leggings ).... and dont say I didnt warn ya!

Dont worry....I couldnt find much out there on her crap I dont have much to show you.

I did, though, happen to score on an amazing image collection of kick ass leggings that I would no doubt be the first to revel in during this recession and not feel bad for one moment....if only they were mine. *sigh*

Here are some of our fave leggings that we've found out there:

A.F Vanderforst Spring & Fall Collections 09

Danielle Scutt

Jasmine Di Milo


Rad Hourani

(left) Costume Dept Hologram Forest Leggings, $45 available at

(middle) Les Chiffoniers PVC leggins $405 available at

(left) Manish Arora Eagle leggings, $248, available at

Sass & Bide rats leggings $176 available at and

Rihanna in Members Only Liquid Leggings

What do you think? Are leggings here to stay? Or are they on their way out?
Tell us how you like to rock your favorite leggings!
Also, we're dying to hear what you think of LiLo's collection....c'mon even as little as you saw, we know you thought something.... we want you to dish it!

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